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How Siemens changed the game with Flowfactory

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Flowfactory has everything you need to create enterprise grade applications

“The platform provides a modern interface, standardized functions and also the great flexibility to integrate your own modules into the application.”

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Flowfactory makes custom development accessible (and fun!) for everyone.

Own the change by creating real business value

For the dreamers, the doers, the digital leaders who won’t stop until they’ve revolutionized the way custom development unlocks new business value. Flowfactory is here for you.

Create powerful applications faster than ever with as much or as little code as you need

Developers love Flowfactory because it supercharges their productivity, allowing them to build more apps in less time. Build the basic app structure quickly, then add custom code to perfectly tailor it to your organization’s needs. Time to move from bottleneck to hero.

Reduce costs, manage portfolio complexity, and increase speed to market

The battle between IT and business users ends with Flowfactory. Collaborate on application development that delivers results to the business. Minimize technical debt and use your precious resources more wisely.


We believe in Happy Growth.

Happy: we make sure people love coming to work here. Growth: we attract passionate people who are motivated, curious, and driven by results.


There’s only one team.

At Flowfactory, the line between our team and our customer’s team is hard to see. We understand our customers’ needs as well as they do, ensuring success at every turn.


Go with the flow.

Things change fast when you’re making a difference. We’re as agile as our platform is, embracing new challenges while also knowing when to slow down and ensure our team’s wellness.


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what will you build today? 

what will you build today? 

what will you build today? 

what will you build today? 

what will you build today? 

what will you build today? 

Ready for apps that build themselves?

Intelligent AI. Advanced ML. The next version of Flowfactory is coming. Welcome to a world where apps build themselves. It’s not magic or science fiction. It’s the next evolution of development. Only at Flowfactory.

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